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Theses and Dissertations — 2021

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Mohak Bhatia Dr. Hung Le Cryptographic Implementation Resistant to Side Channel Attacks on Reconfigurable Hardware [Link]
Parthan Vijay Bhatt Dr. Kaushik Rajashekara Sensorless Control of Brushless Permanent-Magnet Macines for Power Tool Application [Link]
Rhema Ike Dr. Aaron Becker Robotic Cinematography: The Construction and Testing of an Autonomous Robotic Videographer and Race Simulator [Link]
Farhana Islam Dr. Harish S. Krishnamoorthy Solid State Autotransformer (SSAT) - based Multi-pulse Rectifier Concepts for AC to DC Conversion in Space Constrained Applications [Link]
Saman Khazaei Dr. Rose T. Faghih Bayesian Decoder Design for Investigation of Cognitive Arousal and Performance Using Physiological and Behavioral Data  [Link]
Alexander Michael Magyari Dr. Yuhua Chen FPGA Remote Laboratory Using IoT Approaches [Link]
Luciano Rezende Fiuza Branco Dr. Rose T. Faghih Closed-Loop Control of Brain States using Physiological Signals from Wearable Devices  [Link]
Yaping Shi Dr. Xiaonan Shan Electrochemical Impedance Imaging on Conductive Surface [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
MD Rafiul Amin Dr. Rose T. Faghih Scalable and Robust Inference of Sparse Brain Signals via Personalized Physiological System Identification [Link]
Hamid Fekri Azgomi Dr. Rose T. Faghih Closed-Loop Regulation of Internal Brain States using Wearable Brain Machine Interface Architectures with Real-World Experimental Implementation  [Link]
Dawei Chen Dr. Zhu Han Machine Learning for Multi-access Edge Computing and Autonomous Driving [Link]
Yulang Feng Dr. Jinghong Chen Design and Calibration of High-Speed and Power-Efficient Flash ADC in FDSOI CMOS  [Link]
Venu Sushir Jonnalagadda Dr. John C. Wolfe Development of Lithography and Stencil Mask Alignment Processes for Manufacturing High Density Thin Film Electrodes on Optical Fiber Substrates [Link]
Qianlong Lan Dr. Ji Chen MRI Safety Assessment of Implantable Medical Devices using Neural Networks [Link]
Han Lu Dr. Xin Fu and Dr. Jiefu Chen High-Performance Computing Methods for Electromagnetic Well Logging Inverse Problems [Link]
Yawen Luo Dr. Yuhua Chen FPGA-based Additive Manufacturing Defects Detection and Optimization of Smart Connected Devices  [Link]
Kevin C. Nathan Dr. Jose L. Contreras-Vidal A Longitudinal Brain-Machine Interface Training Paradigm with a Lower-Limb Exoskeleton & Its Induced Cortical Changes [Link]
Sasidharan Prakasan Dr. Shin-Shem Steven Pei Hybrid Supercapacitor Electrodes Based on Transition Metal Oxide/Graphene/3-D Porous Nickel Architecture
Amin Sadat Dr. Harish S. Krishnamoorthy Fault-Tolerant High-Density Power Converters and In-Situ Health Prediction for Offshore MVDC Distribution  [Link]
Goutham Selvaraj Dr. Kaushik Rajashekara Control Strategies for Minimizing the DC-Link Capacitance in Power Electronics Converters for Aircraft Electrical Power Systems  [Link]
Aditi Singh Dr. Badrinath Roysam  Active Learning Methods for Computational Delineation and Cellular Profiling of Cortical Layers in Rat Whole Brain Sections using Multiplex Immunofluorescent Imaging and Classification of Histopathological Images using Convolutional Neural Networks [Link]
Shuo Song Dr. Ji Chen Radiator modeling and design for MRI safety assessment [Link]
Akshay Sujatha Ravindran Dr. Jose L. Contreras-Vidal Developing Explainable Deep Learning Models Using EEG for Brain Machine Interface Systems  [Link]
Yuxuan Tang Dr. Jinghong Chen High-Performance CMOS Front-End ASICs for SiPM Detectors and High-Frequency Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging  [Link]
Vani Murthy Vellanki Dr. David R. Jackson Radar Cross Section Reduction of an Arbitrary Object Using Active Antenna Elements  [Link]
Yu Wang Dr. Ji Chen Novel Methods of RF-induced Heating Assessment and Heating Reduction Techniques for Active Implantable Medical Devices in MRI [Link]
Debing Wei Dr. Miao Pan Internet of Underwater Things: Enabling Technologies of Underwater Communications and Hybrid Networking [Link]
Li Yan Dr. Jiefu Chen Pixel-Based Inversion of Electromagnetic Logging Data [Link]
Xu Yang Dr. Xiaonan Shan Developing Label-free Imaging Techniques to Study Biological and Energy Conversion Processes  [Link]
Yu Yao Dr. Harish S. Krishnamoorthy DC/DC Converters with High Power Density and Fast Response for Pulsed Load Applications [Link]
Srikanth Yerra Dr. Harish S. Krishnamoorthy Multi-Phase DC Power Supply Topologies with Fast Response for Telecom and Point-of-Load Applications [Link]
Xinyue Zhang Dr. Miao Pan Location and Data Privacy Preservation in Intelligent Systems [Link]