Advising FAQS

(This webpage is currently being updated, additional FAQS will come soon!)


  1. I am blocked from enrolling because of a pre/co-requisite I completed at X institution. How can I enroll in my next course?
    ECE courses are programmed to use an automatic pre/co-requisite check at the point of enrollment based on credits on the student's UH transcript.  Courses enrolled/completed at another institution, but not yet transferred to UH, are not seen by the automated system.  If you are enrolled or have satisfied a course's pre/co-requisite at another institution, you can complete the Pre/Co-Requisite Waiver Request form, with valid documentation of the satisfied requirement, to request to be manually enrolled into the course.  Please note - completing the form does NOT guarantee a waiver and that approved waivers do NOT correct your UH transcript.  Approval means that the ECE department will manually enroll you into the course - you will NOT be able to enroll yourself.