Advising Forms


A  General Petition is needed to request

  • Degree requirement exception
  • Course Substitution
  • Course Overload 
  • Change of Major (it has to be submitted to the dept. of the new major)

Transfer Credit Petition:  Some credits (especially upper division and out-of-state credit) may be transferred as general elective credit or elective credit within a subject area (ELEC). Students may choose to complete a Transfer Credit Petition eForm once they have reviewed their Transfer Credit Summary—both of which are available on their myUH account. The application of transfer credit toward a degree at the university cannot be determined until the transcripts have been evaluated and a degree plan is processed. 

How to submit and view the Transfer Credit Petition eForm



  1. What do you mean by "graduate under" a particular degree plan?
    When you apply for graduation (or review for graduation), you will be checked for meeting the requirements of a particular degree plan. The degree plan is the set of courses listed by the department as required for the degree in the catalog/flowchart for a given academic year. The earliest degree plan that you may follow is the one that was in effect at the time you completed your first semester as an electrical or computer engineering major at the University of Houston, provided that you maintain continuous enrollment and provided the degree plan is not more than 7 years old at the time of your graduation. You may, at your option, choose to graduate under a more recent plan--but you must then meet all requirements of that plan. You cannot pick and choose courses between plans.
  2. What do you mean by continuous enrollment?
    Registering for and successfully completing at least one 3 hour course in a 13-month period. Note that students who register and then withdraw or who do not pass at least one three semester credit hour course are not deemed to have been enrolled for that semester and cannot count it in maintaining continuous enrollment. Beginning in fall 2011, if you break continuous enrollment you will have to apply for admission as a former student through the UH Office of Admission in order to register for classes.
  3. The flowchart I am following does not indicate that course xxxx is a prerequisite for course xxxx. Does that mean the prerequisite does not apply to me?
    Changes in prerequisites apply to everybody who has not taken a course, no matter what their old flowchart indicates.
  4. The degree plans specifically require ECON 2304 but I took ECON 2305. Do I have to take ECON 2304?
    No, we will continue to accept either ECON 2304 or ECON 2305. However, because we feel ECON 2304 is more relevant to engineering, we decided to list it explicitly in our degree plans to encourage students to choose it over 2305.
  5. I have already taken MATH 3331; do I need to take MATH 3321?
    Yes, unless you have taken both Math 2331 ( Linear Algebra) and Math 3331(Differential Equations). Students who have credit for BOTH Math 2331 and Math 3331 can petition to substitute the pair for Math 3321. Also students who have credit for both ECE 2331 (Numerical Methods) and Math 3331(Differential Equations)  can petition to substitute the pair for Math 3321. ECE 2331 was last offered in Spring of 2011.
  6. Can I substitute CHEM 1331 for CHEM 1372?
    No. CHEM 1372 is a special, one-semester combination of the material in both CHEM 1331 and 1332 that is considered most relevant to engineering. Therefore taking either CHEM 1331 or CHEM 1332 alone is not equivalent to 1372
  7. Can I use a sophomore literature course for the technical communications course?
    Not unless it was ENGL 2312 "Literature & Technology" and was taken prior to spring 2004. Beginning with spring 2004, the only acceptable technical communications course is the engineering course ENGI 2304.
  8. Can I double major in EE and CPE?
    No, because the degrees are of different "types". However you can pursue a second bachelor's degree simultaneously. You must meet all degree requirements of both degrees including residency requirements and have a minimum of 30 hours beyond the first degree. You must file a petition with the ECE Department, indicating precisely which courses will comprise the additional 30 hours. Such petitions must be approved by the department at least one semester prior to completion of the second degree. It is not possible to earn both a BSCPE and a BSEE degree without following these regulations.

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