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Academic/Professional Assistance


The UH Cullen College of Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offer a variety of success programs geared toward undergraduates. These programs include:


Program for mastery in engineering studies (PROMES)

A service of the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering, PROMES (pronounced "promise") provides engineering students with recruitment, academic advising, workshops, scholarships and professional and personal development opportunities. The PROMES Program is open to any and all engineering undergraduates within the Cullen College. Students within the PROMES Program earn higher overall G.P.A.'s and are exposed to more professional and personal development opportunities than engineering undergraduates who do not participate in the program. For more information on the PROMES Program, please visit:


ECE First-Year Experience

At the UH Cullen College of Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), undergraduates learn how to apply complex engineering theories to the real world as soon as they enter the college. Through the ECE Department’s “First-Year Experience,” freshmen engage in hands-on, project-based activities while studying topics in electronics and computer engineering even in the very first semester. These courses foster a deeper learning and increased engagement among students; but more importantly, they’re fun! In the ECE Department, we don’t just want our undergraduates to learn engineering – we want them to learn engineering so that they can build and program a laser-shooting robot!


Engineering Career Center

The Engineering Career Center is a comprehensive career services department that offers all students in the Cullen College of Engineering resources to help develop and achieve career goals. The Engineering Career Center serves as a resource for information on industry trends, job market analysis and an opportunity for students to confidently pursue their desired career goals. The Career Center is home to three industry related programs: the Industrial Scholar Interns Program (ISIP), the Co-Operative Education Program (CO-OP) and Internship. These programs are the gateway to starting a successful engineering career. For more information, please visit:


Engineering Career Fair

Sponsored by the Engineering Career Center, the bi-annual Career Fair welcomes hundreds of energy and engineering companies to the University of Houston campus to build relationships with current engineering undergraduate and graduate students. Many Cullen College students land their first jobs at the Career Fairs before they even graduate! For more information, please visit: