Michael Hanson

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Email: Michael.Hanson [at] hp.com

Michael Hanson is an Engineering Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). He currently manages a large team made up of design engineering, engineering support personnel, technical presales, and customer engagement managers for the HPE Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD) product line. He founded the group, built the team and has helped develop the Modular Datacenter (MDC) Market since early 2008. His efforts have made HPE a Tier 1 provider in that industry around the world.

Michael’s current team is made up of electrical, mechanical, thermal and controls engineers solving complex and multidiscipline problems associated with large scale MDC’s and the integration of IT products within them. Common tasks involve power distribution at the medium to low voltage level (below 35kV level), 480V 3 phase power conditioning and distribution, airflow and thermodynamic balance, structural and mechanical design, and work at the individual server power level.

Prior to developing HPE’s POD program, Michael developed various multiprocessor servers including x86 Industry Standard 8-way servers, an Itanium 64-bit architecture, and the industry’s first AMD Opteron based server. He developed storage products including Modular Smart Array (MSA), Direct Attach Storage (DAS) for blade architectures, and helped develop the industry’s first grid based intelligent switching products that led to the birth of the cloud.

Michael received his BS EE from the Cullen College of Engineering in 1999 and has worked for Compaq and HPE in Houston ever since. He was a member of the first Student Advisory Council (SAC) as a senior at U of H and recently became a member of the Industry Advisory Board for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.