Tommy G. Cooper, PE

Cooper Consulting Service

Email: tgcooper [at]

Mr. Cooper is the founder in 1986 of Cooper Consulting Service (CCS) located in Friendswood, TX.  CCS is an engineering design and development company with a focus on medical devices.  He has a BSEE '74 and MSEE '81 from the University of Houston and is a registered professional engineer in Texas.  He has been the Chair of the IEEE Houston Consultants Network for 5 years.  He served for 12 years as the co-chairman of the AAMI Blood Pressure Transducer Committee that developed the ANSI-AAMI national standard for blood pressure transducers.  He has written over 16 articles for publication in professional journals and holds 22 patents in the field of medical devices.  He has designed and developed numerous products, such as, kidney dialysis machines, sleep study systems, electronic stethoscopes, disposable pressure transducers, a defibrillator-monitor, a laser based opto-acoustic patient monitor, wireless ambulatory patient monitors, an intracardiac pressure-volume monitor, teaching devices for physiological sound auscultation, automated test system and many others.  He works with medical product companies of all sizes, start-up companies, medical schools and foundations.  His focus is on new product development from concept to regulatory approval and production