David Hanson

Axon Energy Products

Email: davidhanson256 [at] gmail.com

David is currently President of the BOP Control Systems division of Axon Energy Products, a houston-based oil and gas equipment manufacturer. He is responsible for managing the profit and loss for the business unit. David joined Axon in 2013.

Prior to Axon, David was with Stewart & Stevenson for almost 15 years where he designed control systems, electronics, and software for a variety of oil well servicing equipment. He managed the control systems group and eventually became engineering manager, leading 25 mechanical and electrical engineers as well as designers, drafters and technicians. His most recent assignment with S&S was Vice President of Research and Development where he was responsible for managing the product portfolio to maximize the utility of R&D funding.

David worked full-time as a software developer for W. R. Biles & Associates, a SCADA software company, while working on his BSEE at the University of Houston. David gives enormous credit to U of H for allowing commuter students the flexibility to work and study. It was a long, unconventional process but he would not have been able to earn a degree without that accommodation.

In 2009, David became a proud double-Cougar when he graduated from U of H’s Bauer School of Business with an MBA.