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Prerequisite Policy

Prerequisites are strictly enforced. Students are responsible for taking prerequisites to courses in which they enroll. Prerequisites are courses that are required and must be taken prior to registering for certain classes. Prerequisites are a necessary foundation for student success.

An advisor or instructor may drop students from any class if the student lacks a prerequisite or co-requisite. Students can find course descriptions and requirements in the most recent University of Houston Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Prerequisite Waiver Form

To waive a course requirement, you must receive written approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies, using this Prerequisite/Co-Requisite Waiver Form. Once the waiver is signed, you will need to upload your approved waiver HERE, to receive permission to enroll in your requested course.

For courses outside of the ECE department, please contact the department for the course.



Prerequisite: Course that must be completed prior to taking another course. These are listed in the catalog in the course description.

Example: TELS 3363: Technical Communications
  Prerequisite: ENGL 1303 with grade of C or higher....

Please be aware that prerequisites are cumulative. If course A is a prerequisite to course B, and course C requires course B, then course C also requires course A.


Co-requisite: If a course is listed as a co-requisite, you must be enrolled in both classes at the same time. If you drop one class, you must drop the other class.

Example: ELET 2103: Digital Systems Laboratory
  Co-requisite: ELET 2303


Concurrent Enrollment: Usually stated as, "credit for or concurrent enrollment in", which means you must have completed or be enrolled in course "A" to enroll in course "B".

Example: ITEC 3343: Information Systems Analysis and Design
  Prerequisite: credit for or concurrent enrollment in ITEC 3347


Consent of Instructor: Some courses will state you must have prerequisite "A" or "consent of instructor" or "consent of department".It is your responsibility to contact the instructor or department to obtain consent on or before the first class day.

Example: HDCS 4303: Merchandising Systems
  Prerequisite: HDCS 3303 or consent of instructor


Classification: Some courses require that you have "junior standing". This means you must have completed 60 hours prior to taking this class; "senior standing" requires 90 hours.

Example: ITEC 3347 : Principles of Information Management
  Prerequisite: ITEC 2338 Computer Information Systems major or minor, and junior standing...