Theses and Dissertations — 2017

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Mehmet Emin Akdogan Dr. Mehdi Abolhassani Advanced Power Sharing Scheme under Unbalanced and Nonlinear Loads in an Islanding Microgrid [Link]
Anirudh S. Annavajhala Dr. Ji Chen Estimation of Temperature Increase in Passive Implants undergoing MRI Procedure
Mary Catherine Burbage Dr. Aaron Becker Maximizing Swarm Coverage: Hunting for Members of a Moving Population [Link]
Orin H. Council Dr. David Jackson Reduction of a Radar Cross Section Using Active Antenna Elements [Link]
Seyeddavar Daeinejad Dr. David Mayerich High-Magnification Digital Staining of FTIR Spectroscopic Images [Link]
Mayuri Harikumar Dr. Ji Chen Coordinated Multi-Point User Task Scheduling for 5-G Cloud Radio Access Networks [Link]
Khalil Khalil Dr. Thomas Hebert Surface Reconstruction Using Video Data from a Moving Camera [Link]
Rebecca Elizabeth Kusko Dr. John Wolfe Characterization of Amorphous Carbon Films for Mask Protection during Ion Beam Bombardment [Link]
Madhuri Manjunath Dr. John Wolfe Lithography of Multi-Electrode Patterns on Optical Fiber Surface [Link]
Paraag Ashok Kumar Megharaj Dr. Xin Fu Integrating Processing In-Memory (PIM) Technology into General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) for Energy Efficient Computing [Link]
Srijani Mukherjee Dr. David Mayerich Structure Tensor Tractography for Densely Packed High-Throughput Microscopy Images
Rikesh Prakashkumar Shah Dr. Wajiha Shireen Implementation of Adaptive Protection Scheme for Microgrid using IEC 61850 Communication Protocol [Link]
Chinmay Shah Dr. Mehdi Abolhassani, Dr. Heidar Malki Virtual Synchronous Machine based Fuzzy V-F Control for VSC of Battery Storage System for Seamless Performance of Microgrid [Link]
Soumya Sinha Dr. Wajiha Shireen Modified Control for Single-Phase Fuel Cell Systems with Input Ripple Compensation and Improved Output Quality [Link]
Mohammad M. Sultan Dr. Aaron Becker Optimize an MRI Gauss Gun [Link]
Arun Viswanathan Mahadev Dr. Aaron Becker Algorithms for Particle Swarms Using Global Control: Aggregation, Mapping, Coverage, Foraging, and Shape Control [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Md Masud Parvez Arnob Dr. Wei-Chuan Shih 3-D Plasmonic Nanoarchitectures: Fabrication, Characterization, and Applications [Link]
Nikunj Arunkumar Bhagat Dr. Jose Contreras-Vidal Brain Machine Interface with Closed-Loop Neuromuscular Stimulation for Grasping in Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury Survivors [Link]
Fahrettin Firat Gonen Dr. Haluk Ogmen Real-Time Visual Stimulus Selection through Attentional and Decisional Processes [Link]
Kedar Balaji Grama Dr. Badri Roysam Computational Analysis of Tissue Remodeling in the Rat Brain after Mild Traumatic Injury [Link]
Qicheng Huang Dr. Kaushik Rajashekara Power Sharing and Power Quality Improvement in Parallel Connected Power Converters in the Microgrid [Link]
Jingting Li Dr. Wei-Chuan Shih Innovations in Raman Spectroscopy Instrumentation and Applications in Biosensing and Plasmonic Engineering
Lintong Li Dr. Ji Chen Development of an Absorbing Radio Frequency Shield for Safe Magnetic Resonance Imaging [Link]
Xinyu Liu Dr. David Jackson Transparent and Non-Transparent Microstrip Antennas on a Cubesat [Link]
Hung Khanh Nguyen Dr. Zhu Han Big Data Optimization for Distributed Resource Management in Smart Grid [Link]
Kuang Qin Dr. Jarek Wosik, Dr. David Jackson Assessment of Time Reversal Methods Used For RF Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatment [Link]
Fahira Sangare Dr. Zhu Han RF Energy Harvesting and Information Transfer Implementation in The Internet of Things [Link]
Kaveh Shervin Dr. Wanda Zagozdzon-Wosik, Dr. Alexandre Freundlich Development of High Efficiency Low Cost III-V Solar Cells ‎ [Link]
Radwa Sultan Dr. Zhu Han Utilizing Full Duplex Multiple Antenna in Heterogeneous Networks [Link]
Ning Wang Dr. Gangbing Song A New Generation Unified Framework for Remote Laboratory System Development
Hao Wu Dr. Saurabh Prasad Semi-supervised and Deep Learning for Hyperspectral Image Analysis [Link]
Hsu-Hsiang Wu Dr. Ji Chen Evaluation and Exploration of Complex Subterranean Formations Using Numerical Modeling: Azimuthal EM Deep Resistivity Applications [Link]
Junchao Wu Dr. Yuhua Chen Design and Analysis of Hardware-Based Scheduler and Multi-Photon Quantum Cryptography Protocol [Link]
Qi Zeng Dr. Ji Chen RF Shimming Impacts on RF-Induced Heating for Medical Implants at 3T
Huaqing Zhang Dr. Zhu Han A Hierarchical Game Framework for Distributive Resource Allocation in Future Heterogeneous Network [Link]
Fusheng Zhao Dr. Wei-Chuan Shih Advances in Lithographically Patterned Plasmonic Nanoparticles: Fabrication, Characterization, Modeling, and Applications of Porous/Nonporous Nanoparticles and Arrays
Xiong Zhou Dr. Saurabh Prasad Semi-Supervised and Deep Learning in Optimal Subspaces for Classification of Disparate Hyperspectral Data [Link]
Zhuan Zhu Dr. Jiming Bao Investigation of Environmental Stability of Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite and Its Interaction with Water [Link]