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Theses and Dissertations — 2016

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Alaba Olumide Esho Dr. Mehdi Abolhassani A Medium Voltage Cascaded Multi-level Converter with Isolated High Frequency Link Using SiC Switching Devices [Link]
Prateek Gaure Dr. Mehdi Abolhassani Decentralized-Inverter Based Reactive Power Compensation of Active Meshed Distribution Network [Link]
Aobo Jin Dr. David Jackson Frequency Limitation for Triaxial Induction Tools and Dielectric Tools in 1-D Multi-Layered Transverse Isotropic Formation [Link]
Tariq Khan Dr. Mehdi Abolhassani Real-Time Management of Smart Grid Using Multi-Agent Systems [Link]
Bala-aditya Kundety Dr. Paul Ruchhoeft An Integrated and Convenient Scripting Environment for the Operation of an X-Y Stage used in Atom Beam Lithography
Shrivatsa Neerkaje Dr. Bhavin Sheth Estimating the Emotional Content of an Image from the Observer's Eye Scan Patern [Link]
Abraham Oladepo Dr. Wajiha Shireen Grid Tie Inverter in a Distributed Generation System with Reactive Power Capabilities [Link]
Renuka Pakeetharan Dr. Yuhua Chen Performance of Smart Cement with Nano-Clay Modification and Energy Treatment [Link]
Sasidharan Prakasan Dr. Shin-Shem Steven Pei Characterization of CVD Grown Monolayer and Few Layer Graphene using Microwave Dielectric Resonator [Link]
Michael O. Umeano Dr. Wajiha Shireen Optimal Location of PV Powered Smart Charging Facilities With Energy Storage for Electric Vehicles [Link]
Venkata Naga Pranathi Vemuri Dr. Thomas Hebert Feature-Based Analysis of Microvasculature in High Resolution Microscopy Images of Mice Brains [Link]
Srikanth Venkata Sudarshan Dr. Aaron Becker Automating a Seismic Survey Using Heterogenous Sensor Teams and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [Link]
Lifeng Yan Dr. Saurabh Prasad Composite Kernel Dimension Reduction for Multi-Source Remote Sensing Image Analysis [Link]
Wei Yao Dr. Aaron Becker Metrics on Crowd Control with Overhead Video and Vocal Commands [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Yunan Gu Dr. Zhu Han Matching Theory Framework for 5G Wireless Communications [Link]
Xin Huang Dr. Ji Chen Numerical and Experimental Assessment of MRI RF Coil Induced Heating for External Fixation Devices and Technique to Reduce the Thermal Effects
Duong Le Vu Huynh Dr. Haluk Ogmen Capacity, Precision, and Representations of Sensory and Mnemonic Processing [Link]
Qing Ji Dr. Gangbing Song Stress Wave Communication and Waveform Design for Energy Charging in Solid Structures
Venkata Krishna Tulasi Kota Dr. David Jackson An Investigation of Dual-Band Fabry-Pérot Resonant Cavity Antennas [Link]
Dawei Li Dr. Ji Chen Efficient Computation of Layered Medium Green's Function and Its Application in Geophysics [Link]
Yanbin Lu Dr. Badri Roysam Unsupervised Discovery of Hidden Geometry in High Dimensional Datasets for Neuronal Arbor Analytics [Link]
Murad Megjhani Dr. Badri Roysam, Dr. Jose Contreras-Vidal Data-Driven, Label Consistent, Dictionary Learning Methods for Analysis of Biological Datasets [Link]
Ivan Nekrashevich Dr. Dmitri Litvinov Ferromagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Arrays of Coupled Nanomagnets [Link]
Erte Pan Dr. Zhu Han Big Data Analysis of Complex Networks Using Machine Learning Methods [Link]
Sohini Sengupta Dr. David Jackson Properties of a 2D Periodic Leaky Wave Antenna at Microwave and Optical Frequencies [Link]
David Reza Shakarisaz Dr. Paul Ruchhoeft Stencil Mask Development for Atom Beam Proximity Llithography and Engineered Nanoparticle Fabrication
Tuo Shi Dr. Han Le Multi-spectral Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy with Structured Illumination [Link]
Jingweijia Tan Dr. Xin Fu Architectural Approaches to Design Reliable and Energy-Efficient GPUs
Qing Yan Wang Dr. Ji Chen Uncertainty Estimation of Transfer Function Method in Medical Device Characterization
Sirui Xing Dr. Shin-Shem Steven Pei Kinetic Study of Graphene Synthesis by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Kaige Yan Dr. Xin Fu Efficient Computer System Designs to Improve the Mobile User Experiences
Mengna Yang Dr. David Jackson Investigation of Time-Difference-Of-Arrival Localization Method for Non-Line-Of-Sight Scenarios [Link]
Yanru Zhang Dr. Zhu Han Contract Theory Framework for Wireless Networking [Link]