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Expected Course Offerings

The following list summarizes our expected course offerings for upcoming semesters, but should be used as a guide only. Future course offerings are subject to change, depending on enrollment, availability of faculty, departmental resources, degree plan changes, and other constraints.

X indicates planned course offering. No X means either that we plan not to teach the course, or that we are uncertain whether the course will be taught.

Course ID Course Name Fall Spring 
Required All Degree Plans
ENGI 1100 Introduction to Engineering X X
ENGI 1331 Computers and Problems Solving X X
ECE 2100 Circuit Analysis Laboratory X X
ECE 2201 Circuit Analysis I X X
ECE 2202 Circuit Analysis II X X
ECE 3317 Applied Electromagnetic Waves X X
ECE 3331 Programming Applications in Electrical and Computer Engineering X X
ECE 3337 Signals and Systems Analysis X X
ECE 3340 Numerical Methods for ECE (was ECE2331) X X
ECE 3436 Microprocessor Systems (was ECE4436) X X
ECE 3441 Digital Logic Design X
ECE 3155 Electronics Laboratory X X
ECE 3355 Electronics X X
ECE 4335 Electrical and Computing Engineering Design I X X
ECE 4336 Electrical and Computing Engineering Design II X X
ECE 3318 Applied Electricity and Magnetism (PREVIOUSLY ECE 2317)   X
ECE 3364 Circuits and Systems X X
ECE 3366 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing   X
ECE 3456 Analog Electronics   X
ECE 3457 Digital Electronics X  
ECE 4339/4119 Physical Principles of Solid State Devices + LAB X  
ECE 4363/4113 Electromechanical Energy Conversion   X
ECE 4371/4117 Introduction to Telecommunications Engineering + LAB X  
ECE 4375/4115 Automatic Control Systems + LAB X X
ECE 4437 Embedded Microcomputer Systems X  
ECE 5317/5113 Microwave Engineering + LAB X  
ECE 5318/5114 Antenna Engineering + LAB   X
ECE 5319 Introduction to Nanotechnology TBD TBD
ECE 5320 Introduction to Nanomaterials Engineering   X
ECE 5321 Design and Fabrication of Nanoscale Devices X  
ECE 5330 Introduction to Robotics X  
ECE 5335/5115 State-Space Control Systems + LAB X  
ECE 5346 VLSI Design X  
ECE 5354 Digital Video    
ECE 5356 CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits X  
ECE 5357 Introduction to Cybersecurity   X
ECE 5358 Modern Optics and Photonics X  
ECE 5367 Introduction to Computer Architecture and Design   X
ECE 5377/5197 Power System Analysis + LAB X  
ECE 5380/5180 Power Electronics And Electric Drives + LAB   X
ECE 5388 Renewable Energy Technology
ECE 5397 Introduction to Machine Learning    

ECE 5397

Robotics and ROS   X
ECE 5397 Advanced Imaging Techniques X  
ECE 5397 Advanced Telecommunications X  
ECE 5397 Medical Imaging with Lasers X  
ECE 5436 Advanced Microprocessor Systems   X
ECE 5440 Advanced Digital Design   X
ECE 5451 Principles of Internetworking X