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Theses and Dissertations — 2013

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Prithvi Basu Dr. Paul Ruchhoeft Optimization of Reactive Ion Etching to Fabricate Silicon Nitride Stencil Masks in SF6 Plasma [Link]
Fahrettin Firat Gonen Dr. Haluk Ogmen Effects of Distance and Grouping on Visual Attention for Static and Dynamic Displays [Link]
Thanh Dang Le Dr. Zhu Han Sequential learning for passive monitoring of multi-channel wireless networks [Link]
Danni Li Dr. Fatima Merchant Computation of Breast Ptosis from 3D Scans of Torso [Link]
Rakesh Mekala Dr. Alex Ignatiev Synthesis and characterization of scalable high permittivity core-shell ferroelectric polymers for energy storage solutions [Link]
Miguel A. Pena Dr. Ji Chen Measurements of MRI Induced Heating [Link]
Mandar Phadnis Dr. Earl Charlson Feedback Control of CubeSat for Attitude and Trajectory Corrections [Link]
Narasimha Reddy Ettedi Dr. Jiming Bao Design and control of the dielectric properties of metal-polymer based artificial nanodielectrics for embedded capacitor applications [Link]
Abhilash Sukumari Dr. Han Le Laser Multi-Spectral Confocal Microscopy for Structured Illumination Imaging [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Mehmet A. Coskun Dr. Bhavin Sheth Functional Tests of Atypical Connectivity in the Autistic Brain using Magnetoencephalography [Link]
Najmeh Forouzandehmehr Dr. Zhu Han Game Theoretical Framework for Distributed Dynamic Control in Smart Grids [Link]
Rui Hu Dr. Georg Zouridakis Automatic Recognition of Buruli Ulcer Images on Smart Handheld Devices [Link]
Yi Huang Dr. Zhu Han A Quickest Detection Framework for Smart Grid [Link]
Anthony Y.B. Lau Dr. David Jackson Investigation of Feed Line Effects on Fields From Broadband Over Power Line Communications [Link]
Ziyang Li Dr. Bhavin Sheth Autonomic Markers of Visual Awareness [Link]
Nam T. Nguyen Dr. Zhu Han A Nonparametric Bayesian Framework for Mobile Device Security and Location Based Services [Link]
Zhihua Su Dr. Jiming Bao Miniature Fiber-Optic Farby-Perot Interferometer: Fabrication, Data Processing and Temperature Sensing Application [Link]
Boyuan Yu Dr. Richard Liu Study of Time Domain Logging Tools Using Finte Difference Time Domain Method [Link]
Guanbo Zheng Dr. Zhu Han, Dr. Rong Zheng Toward Reliable and Robust Wireless personal Area Networks [Link]
Zhen Zheng Dr. Dmitri Litvinov Fabrication of close-packed non-circular nanomagnetic pattern using low energy self-limiting ion-milling process [Link]