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Dissertation Archives


Aydin, Murat Dr. Haluk Ogmen The Computational Principles and Mechanisms of Non-retinotopic Form Perception in Human Vision.
Bhargava, Mansi Dr. J. C. Wolfe A Novel Resist Removal Tool Based on a Surface Wave Plasma Applicator.
E, Chunsheng Dr Dmitri Litvinov Design and Characterization of Nanoscale Bit Patterned Magnetic Recording Media.
Hu, Lingli Dr. Ben Jansen Quantifying single trial auditory evoked potentials and sensory gating variability
Kafaligonul, H. 
Dr. Haluk Ogmen Dynamics of Feature Processing for Static and Moving Objects in the Human Visual System.
Kamel, Maged Prof. Jarek Wosik & Prof. Stuart Long Cryogenic Single and Phased-Array Coils For Magnetic Resonance Imaging- Design and Implementation.
Kanlioglu, Osman Dr. David R. Jackson Analysis and Design of Via Loaded Microstrip Antennas.
Kumar, Arun Dr Ben Jansen Shear Strain Elastrograms: Ultrasonic Estimation And Imaging Of The Local Shear Strain In Homogeneous Material Under Axial Compression.
Leigh B. Kevin Dr. J. Subhlok Design and Analysis of Network and IO Consolidations in a General-Purpose Infrastructure.
Parekh, Vishal Dr. Dmitri Litvinov Process Development for Fabrication Of Bit-Patterned Medium For Magnetic Storage Devices.
Qiang, Rui Dr. Ji Chen Numerical Analysis of Periodic Structures for Microwave and Infrared Applications with the Finite-Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Method
I-Chih,Tan Dr. Wanda Zagozdzon-Wosik Manipulation and Detection of Magnetic Nanoparticles doe Biomedical Application.
Wang, Hsun-Pang  Prof. Leang-San Shieh Digital Controller Design for Analog Transfer Function Matrices with Multiple Input-Output Time Delays.
Wang, Ying Dr. Richard C. Liu Development of GPR Receiver Systems Using Pico-Second Sampling Technology.
Xu, Qiang Dr. Jaspal Subhlok Automatic Construction of Coordinated Performance Skeletons
Xue, Lian Dr. Jarek Wosik & Dr. Haluk Ogmen Implementation of Superconducting Receiver Coils in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technique.
Yao, Manwen Dr John C Wolfe Fluorescence and Long Range Surface Plasmon Resonance Study for Biosensing Applications.
Yilmaz, Ozgur Dr. Haluk Ogmen Mechanisms of Spatial Localization in the Human Visual System.



Kennedy, Timothy  Dr. S.A. Long & 
Dr. J.T. Williams
Modification of current distributions on existing conducting structures.
Miller, Vonda Dr. B.H. Jansen Osicllatory Networks for Pattern Recognition.
Mitra, Joyeeta Dr. J. Glover A System For Automated Detection of Seizures in Neonatal EEG.
Nian, Yibo Dr. A. Ignatiev Non-Volatile Memory Based on Transition Metal Perovskite Oxide Resistance Switching.
Peng, Peng Dr. S.S. Pei Investigation of Carrier Transport in Type-II Interband Cascade Semiconductor Laser.
Provence, R.S. Dr. L.S. Shieh Navigation Filters for Use in the Global Positioning System.
Rong, Qing-Yi Dr. D.R. Wilton Mixed Potential Integral Equations Method in 3-D Induction Modeling.
Sun, Wei Dr. R. Liu A 3-D Scanning Laser Imaging System.
Wang, Xue Dr. S.S. Pei MBE Growth and Characteristics of Antimonide-Based Quantom Dots.
Wu, Dagang Dr. J. Chen Numerical Analysis of Interations between Electromagnetic Fields and Human Bodies.
Xing, Huichun Dr. R. Liu Development of Data Analysis Algorithms for Interpretation of GPR Radar Data.
Xiong, Yaohua Dr. N. Karayiannis Recognition of Neonatal Seizures from Video Recordings Based on Motion Tracking Methods.
Xu, Hao Dr. D.R. Jackson & Dr. J.T. Williams Analysis and Design of Microstrip Antennas with Improved Performance.
Yu, Qingkai Dr. S.S. Pei Horizontally Aligned Growth of Single Wall Carabon Nanotubes and Sic Nanowires for Electronic Application.
Zhou, H.Q. Dr. L.S. Shieh Design for High Performance Process Control.
Zhou, Wei Dr. P.Y. Ktonas The Supervised Matching Pursuit (SMP) Method and its Application in Electroretinogram (ERG) Analysis.



Chen, Yuanhang Dr. R. Liu Integrated Laser 2-D Surface Imaging System for Thickness Measurement of Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Materials.
Feng, Jian Dr. P. Markenscoff Tissue Growth in 3-D: A New Computational Model that Integrates Cell Heterogenity and Diffusional Limitations
and its Parallel Implementation.
Guo, Lianhe Dr. R. Liu Study of Weigh-In-Motion Sensors.
Iyer, Darshan Dr. G. Zouridakis & Dr. B.H. Jansen Improved Evoked Potential Estimation using Iterative Independent Component Analysis.
Koc, Alpay Dr. H. Ogmen Functional Hierarchy and Temporal Dynamics of Conscious and Unconcious Processes in Human Vision.
Langston, William Dr. J. T. WIlliams &
Dr. D.R. Jackson
Time-Domain Current Propagation on a Microstrip Line Excited by a Finite Source.
Lee, Iljeong Dr. L. Trombetta Multi-band Quantum Transport in a Si Nanowire.
Lertsirimit, Chatrpol Dr. D.R. Wilton Electromagnetic Coupling to a Device on a Printed Circuit Board.
Nounu, Hatem Dr. J.C. Wolfe Mask Development for Nano-Scale Atom Beam Lithography.
Righetti, Raffaella Dr. P. Ktonas Poroelastography: Ultrasonic Imaging of the Poroelastic Behavior of Phantoms and Tissues.
Sun, Yijie Dr. R. Liu A High-Resolution Sequential Sampling Ground Penetrating Radar System.
Tao, Guozhi Dr. N.B. Karayiannis Recognition of Neonatal Seizures from Video Recordings Based on Motion Segmentation Methods.
Wang, Yi Dr. H.Q. Le Multispectral Laser Based Optical Sensing.



Mohammad K
Dr. G.R. Chen & 
Dr. L.S. Shieh
Digital Redesign of Uncertain Nonlinear Control Systems.
Ali, Warsame H. Dr. L.S Shieh Design and Digital Implementation of Proportional-Integral- Derivative Controller for Nonlinear Motors.
Canelon, Jose I. Dr. L.S. Shieh & Dr. N.B. Karayiannis A New Approach for Neural Control of Dynamic Systems.
Han, Keping Dr. P. Ruchhoeft Fabrication of Micro-Filtration Membranes Using Ion Beam Aperture Array Lithography.
Han, Weishan Dr. L. Shen &
Dr. R. Liu
3D Finite Element Simulation Method of Induction and MWD Tools.
Le, H. "Harry" Dr. R.J. Burton Configurable Networks.
Li, Shanjun Dr. L. Shen &
Dr. R. Liu
Analysis of Complex Formation Using Computer Techniques.
Lu, Zhao Dr. L.S. Shieh Robust and Adaptive Control of Chaotic Systems via Computational Intelligence.
Peng, Chuan Dr. H.Q. Le Tunable Semiconductor Lasers.
Zhang, HuanLin Dr. H.Q. Le Mid-Infrared Bragg Grating Photonic Devices: Tunable Lasers and Optical pre-Amplifiers.
Zhong, Lili Dr. L. Shen &
Dr. R. Liu
Simulation of Tri-Axial Induction Tools in Dipping Anisotropic Beds.