Questions about Financial Aid? Check out the Financial Aid FAQ Page

Financial Aid FAQs

Questions about the financial aid process at UH? Check here for answers. If your question isn't addressed here, feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office.

  1. When will my financial aid disburse to my student financial account?
    Financial aid is posted to students accounts as pending/anticipated aid prior to the start of each semester.  Actual Financial Aid funds begin disbursing to students on the first day of classes.
  2. How do I calculate how much I owe to secure my classes for each term based on my pending/anticipated Financial Aid?
    Once financial aid funds are posted to your myUH account (and you have accepted the aid offer) as pending/anticipated aid, you can subtract the semester's aid amount from your semester's "Charges Due."  The calculated difference is either the amount you owe the university or the amount the university will refund to you. This difference is shown in your myUH account under "Account Summary."
    For example, let's say you have semester "Charges Due" due of $2,000.  Your accepted pending/anticipated financial aid amount is $1,000.  At that time, the amount you would need to pay in order to secure your classes would be $1,000, therefore your "Account Summary" would show $1000.
  3. What can I do if I do not have enough funds to cover my total term balance?
    Prior to the university payment due date, students can select one of three payment plans offered by the university in order to secure enrollments:  90-Day Emergency Deferment Plan, Short-Term Tuition Deferment Plan (45 Day), or Installment Pay Plan.
  4. After my university debts are paid, when will I receive any remaining financial aid funds?
    Once financial aid funds are disbursed to a student's account, and all university debts are paid, UH will release any remaining funds (refund) to Higher One.  All UH student refunds are then distributed by Higher One*.  These funds will be sent to Higher One within 24 hours of appearing on a student's account.  Thereafter, refund processing times are determined by a student's refund preference in Higher One.
  5. I've been selected for verification.  What does this mean?
    For more information on the verification process, please contact your Financial Aid Advisor or the myUH Enrollment Services Call Center at 713-743-1010, option 5.
  6. How do I apply for a scholarship at the University of Houston?
    For most UH-funded scholarships, your application for admission serves as your scholarship application as well. Others require that you submit the FAFSA and provide additional documentation. Check our Scholarships page for details.
  7. I'm not eligible for a Federal Direct or Perkins loan. What are my options?
    Many banks and other private lenders offer educational loans to help you pay for your education. Interest rates may not be as low as the federal programs can offer, but some lenders are able to offer attractive loan options.
  8. What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Direct loans?
    Subsidized Federal Direct Loans are based on financial need, and the government pays the interest to the lender while you are in school at least half-time, as well as during any deferment periods. Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans, on the other hand, are not based on need, and borrowers are responsible for all interest accrued on the loan. Interest payments can be deferred until graduation and then will be capitalized and added the to principal of the loan. You also can make payments on the interest while in school by contacting your lender.
  9. What is the interest rate on my Federal Direct loan(s)?
    The interest rate for Federal Direct Loans is a variable rate that can change annually. The current cap is 8.25 percent during repayment.
  10. How will I receive my loan?
    Your funds will be received electronically and will be applied to your myUH student account. Any remaining funds will be credited and distributed to you by Higher One. Visit to select your method of refund processing (direct deposit to bank account of choice or deposit into a Higher One Account).
  11. When will I have to repay my loan(s)?
    Repayment of your loan(s) begins six months after you:
    • graduate,
    • withdraw from school, or
    • drop below half-time status.
  12. I have accepted my Federal Direct Loan. Why has it not disbursed?
    If you are waiting for your Federal Direct Loan from financial aid, please make sure you have completed your Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling at  Everyone receiving a direct loan must complete a MPN and Entrance Counseling.
  13. What is an incentive repayment plan?
    Most lenders offer an incentive plan for borrowers who make timely payments (i.e. interest rate and/or fee reductions for borrowers who make 48 consecutive on-time payments). Check with your lender for available options.