Yan Xu


Email: xy198908 [at] gmail.com

Yan Xu has been a scientist in the machine learning team at PROS Inc., Houston, since Feb. 2016. Currently, she is working on natural user interface and information retrieval. She earned her Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Houston in Dec. 2015. She has been published in the highest-impact machine learning journal PAMI and made the cover of the IEEE journal. She has diverse machine learning background, especially in boosting algorithms, unsupervised learning, data visualization and computer vision. She has great experience in building data science solutions to solve the real world challenges, from biomedical applications to business challenges. She is an Kaggle competition master and also the founder and the leading speaker for machine learning meet-up in Houston area. The non-profit organization is dedicated to making machine learning easy and accessible to everyone who has the interest and passion to learn!