Tom Sofka

Macro Enterprises Ltd.

Email: Tom.Sofka [at]

Tom Sofka is President and founder of Macro Enterprises Ltd, a Houston based consulting firm providing Business Enterprise Solutions for primarily large corporations.  Experience has primarily covered all areas of the Energy/Petroleum industry as well as Healthcare.  Tom has been providing IT based solutions through Macro for the last 40 years and brings a wide range of business process and management experience to the IAB. 

In addition, Tom has served as President of the University of Houston Engineering Alumni Association (UHEAA) in 1983 and 2006 along with several years on the UHEAA Board.  Currently he is a long serving member of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Industrial Advisory Board and on the UH Cullen College Engineering Leadership Board.  He received the UH Engineering Alumni Leadership Service Award in 1990. Receiving his BS degree in Civil Engineering in 1975 from UH, Tom immediately opened his consulting firm as Sofka Computer Company then renamed and incorporated it into Macro Enterprises in 1977.