Aurora Kennedy


Email: AVillarreal5 [at]

Aurora Kennedy is currently the electronic Design For Test (eDFT) Manager in the Houston area for Schlumberger. She manages a team embedded within new product development (NPD) project teams. Team members analyze designs to facilitate the inclusion of testability principles for electrical printed wired assemblies (PWAs) and multi-chip modules (MCMs). In addition, the team develops automated manufacturing screening tests for PWAs and MCMs.

She has held positions from design engineer in new product development for measurement while drilling tools to manufacturing product line management for formation evaluation tools for use in Drilling & Measurements segment.

In 2013, Aurora started the first Leadership Special Interest Group within Schlumberger to help promote and foster leadership skills development and recognition within the company. She continues to be a leader for the group that has now grown to over 1500 members in locations all over the world.

Aurora received her MSEE from the Cullen College of Engineering, and enjoys promoting STEM career opportunities for young kids. She has been an active participant in UH's G.R.A.D.E camp since 2007.